Control and Automation Department Internship Commity
  Title Name-Surname E-mail
 Coordinator   Lecturer PhD.  Yücel Aydın
 Member Lecturer PhD.  Emre Dinçel
 Member Res. Assist.  Gökçen Devlet Şen
 Member Res. Assist.  Ömer Faruk Dik



All students are advised read the internship regulations in this page carefully.

  1. The students who desires to perform internship must find a place of internship in the first stage. Finding a place of internship is student’s responsibility. Places of internships which will be provided by companies for the faculty and departments, and application conditions will be announced in internship office and notice boards.   
  2. Information about the suitability of the place of internship can be asked to internship committee. 
  3. The students who found their places of internship can get the insurance responsibility document that will be asked by the host company, from internship office. 
  4. Students must register to at least 15 days before of the beginning of internship and submit student internship document and copy of identity to the internship office. Student internship document must be stamped and signed by the host company.
  5. Students must submit hardcopy of the internship initiation document within 5 days of the initiation.
  6. Internship termination document can be sent to aysmunzur (at) by e-mail. Internship termination document must be submitted within 5 days of the end of the internship.
  7. Internship books must be submitted within 1 month of the beginning of fall semester. Practical experience document must be submitted with internship book. Practical experience document must be filled by the employer and submitted in a sealed envelope.
  8. The students who are willing to do their internship in a foreign country must get the confirmation from the internship committee of their departments and inform this situation to the internship office with a petition at least 15 days before of initiation.

The students who decided to withdraw their internship for any reason must inform the internship office on that way as soon as possible. 

Internship office personal: Ayse Gul Ulger
Tel    : +90 212 285 6728  



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