This is a guraduate program under the Department of Mechatronics Engineering, provides training in master and doctorate level. 

Mechatronics is a new approach raised from the synergistic integration of the sciences of mechanics, electronics and  computer  disciplines.  Mechatronics engineers do not behave  just as the mechanical or electronic engineers in view of the problems and projects, but they also think about the requirements of different disciplines in design stages by looking at them  in great perspective. The goal of  Mechatronics  Master of Science (MSc)  in ITU is  to teach the engineers who come from different disciplines such as  mechanics, electronics and  computing to use.  The approach of other discipline and also the synergistic approach of the Mechatronic design.

Students are required to take optional courses on mechatronics in accordance with  the requirements of the subject that will be thesis and in addition four other courses along with the mathematics and three compulsory subjects on mechatronics approved by their advisors. In compulsory mechatronic design course, students develop mechanical construction, electronic cards ve control systems prototypes  that designed by themselves.

Graduates of Mechatronic Engineering in ITU, can prepare their thesis  in the laboratories of Mechatronics Education and Research Center, established by DPT and  equipped with the last technological devices.

Research Areas

  • Unmanned Land Vehicles 
  • Hybrid Vehicles 
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  (Helicopter, Plane and Zeppelin)
  • Electrical Minibus
  • Automotive Mechatronic
  • Humanoid Robotic
  • Humanoid Playing Football
  • Image Processing
  • Motion Control and Applications
  • Rapid Controller Prototyping
  • Simulations with Equipment and Simulators
  • Micro and Nano Dimensional Manipulation and Control, Small Scaled Robotics
  • Sensor & Actuator Activist Design
  • MEMS
  • Tribology
  • Resonance (Vibration)
  • Artificial Neural Network—Algorithm Studies of Fuzzy Logic Learning


The department has a laboratory including  pneumatic, electromagnetic, sensorial techniques, industrial communication systems, PLC, an example of modular production system,  hydraulic transparent models and various modelling software graduate students can use computer and other related laboratory facilities of the faculties of mechanical and electrical-electronics

Mechatronics Education and Research Center:

  • Laboratory of Robotics and Manufacturing
  • Laboratory of Humanoid
  • Laboratory of Hybrid and Electrical  Vehicles,  Motor ECU Control and  Simulation
  • Laboratory of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 
  • Laboratory of Micro / Nano  Motion Control and Robotic Systems
  • Unite of  Laser Press Stage System and Rapid Prototyping
  • Laboratory of  Laser with Femtosecond Throw
  • Laboratory of  Basic Control and PLC
  • Mechatronic System Application

Who can apply?

Application for MSc in Mechatronics Engineering Mechatronics master science  programme, is preferentially for graduates of  mechanics, electronics and control engineering. Applications of other engineering graduates  are decided by evaluating in terms of consistency to the programme.

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