What does a Contol and Automation Engineer do?

There is a wide range of job opportunities for Control and automation engineers because of their abilities that can be applied to almost every subject. Control and automation engineers can work as research, design and production engineer in the industrial automation sector. They can also work in maintenance, repair and industrial operation services.

ITU Control and Automation Engineering BSc and MSc students can easily find a job when they graduated. Furthermore, some parts of the students begin to work before they graduate.

Control and automation engineers can also work as research, design and production engineer at small and medium sized enterprises which design and produce control systems. Students graduating from this program have the option of starting their own business for the automation and IT sectors with a small capital.

Control and Automation Engineering MSc graduates can continue their academic career by entering a PhD program in ITU or another university. MSc graduates can also continue their PhD studies in another country such as USA, Canada, Germany, Finland, Italy, UK and Japan.

Websites of some companies where ITU Control and Automation Engineering graduates are employed are given below.


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