Room number:

Laboratory manager:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yaprak YALÇIN

Laboratory staff:

Res. Assist. Muhammed Emre SANCI

General information:

In this laboratory, the operating principles and characteristics of various sensors are introduced to the students. The measurements of electrical power, energy and power factor are also included in the laboratory schedule. As this laboratory is part of the lecture “Measurement and Sensors” (4th semester), the theoretical information is given mostly during the lecture.


Laboratory facilities:

Equipment Used For
DIGIAC 1750 Transducers & Instrumentation Training Systems
(8 Units)
Experimental introduction to comprehensive transducer to input and output transducers, signal conditioning circuits and display devices. Used for laboratory sessions of the courses Measurement and Sensors and Electronic Instrumentation.
Quanser Helicopter System The helicopter system with 3 degrees of freedom is a simplified helicopter model. In this system, the aim is to design a control system to regulate and follow the elevation and travel angles.Graduation projects and research purposes.
Quanser Paper Wrapping System The Paper Wrapping system is the model of the systems used in the industrial paper printing house. In this system, the aim is to design a controller that wraps and unloads the paper at the desired speed and tension. Graduation projects and research purposes
Ball & Beam Experiment SetThe ball-beam system practically corresponds to the problem of controlling the angle of rotation of aircraft. In this system, the aim is to design a cascade control structure to stabilize the ball. An experiment of Control Laboratory course.
Fan and plate control systemThe control objective is the angular orientation of a hinged rectangular plate and the control means is by blowing an airstream at the plate with a variable speed fan. An experiment of Control Laboratory course.