Laboratory manager:

Prof. Dr. İlhan KOCAARSLAN

General information:

MERC was founded on Ayazaga Campus of Istanbul Technical University in 2008 occupying a closed area of 1800 m2.

MERC provides opportunities of theoretical and applied research for many students of large spectrum of departments including Mechanical Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering.The projects are managed by both undergraduate and graduate level students. CAEP students are encouraged to be involved with the projects in the MERC.

MERC consists of eight laboratories and a manufacturing unit listed below:

●     Robotics and Manufacturing Laboratory

●     Humanoid Robotics Laboratory

●     Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles Laboratory

●     Femto-Second Laser Laboratory

●     Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory

●     Micro/Nano Motion Control and Robotics Laboratory

●     Basic Control and PLC Laboratory

●     Applied Mechatronics Laboratory

●     Laser Printed Circuit Board and Fast Prototyping Unit

The laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge technologies for high-level research activities. There are several national projects in progress currently such as ULV, UAV, Hybrid automobiles and Humanoid robots. In these projects, graduate and undergraduate students are working in teams under the supervision of the faculty.

Laboratory facilities:

Equipment Used For
Panasonic-MSMD082P1S (10 Units) AC Servo Motor
Teko SR-01 (10 Units) AC Servo Motor Driver and Test Set
Panasonic-MBMC1E2AZB (10 Units) DC Servo Motor
Teko SR-B16 (10 Units) AC Servo Motor Driver and Test Set
Siemens KA7080-2AA10 (10 Units) AC Motor
Teko ASM-01 (10 Units) AC Servo Motor Driver and Test Set
KORMAS-67114327 (10 Units) DC Asynchronous Motor
Teko DCM-01 (10 Units) DC Asynchronous Motor Driver and Test Set
MSM23H280-03IP (10 Units) Step Motor
Teko ST-01 (10 Units) Step Motor
Driver and Test Set
TEKO X-Y Tablet (10 Units) Two Dimensional Servo Motor Experimental Set
Phoneix-Contact ILC155ETH (10 Units) PLC Unit
Dspace-DS1104 (17 Units) Fast Software Prototyping Equipment
Dspace-DS1103 (2 Units) Fast Software Prototyping Equipment
Dspace Microautobox- DS1401/1505/1507
(1 Units)
Fast Software Prototyping Equipment(Compact)
Dspace Autobox-(1 Units) Fast Software Prototyping
Tektronix-AFG3001B (18 Units) Signal Generator
Tektronix-TPS2014 (18 Units) Oscilloscope
Santech-33003 (15 Units) 0-30V DC Power Source
Sorensen DCS10-10E (7 Units) 10-110V DC  Power Source
Equipment Used For
Quanser-10966 Ball-Beam Experimental Setup
Quanser-11316 Ball-Beam Experimental Setup
Quanser-10947 Rotary Servo  Experimental Setup
Quanser-10951 Inverted Pendulum Experimental Setup
PIPER NC 88073 Model Aircraft
Align-TREX700 Model Aircraft (Nitrous)
Align-TREX500 Model Aircraft ( Battery )
ESKY_HUNTER Model Aircraft( Battery )
Mazak Variaxis 500-5XII (Freze) Material manufacturing and processing
Mazak QuickTurn Nexus 200-IIM (Torna) Material manufacturing and processing
ABB Robot Arms (2 Units) Experimental Set up for Robot Dynamics and Kinematics
STAUBLI  Robot Arms Experimental Set up for Robot Dynamics, Kinematics and  Image processing
LPKF Laser-Electronics
LPKF Proto Place
LPKF Zel Print
LPKF ProtoMat H100
LPKF Promask
Material manufacturing and processing
Objet Alaris 30 Prototipleme Material manufacturing and processing
DC Power 1000V 400kW Power Supply
Engine Dynamometer To Control Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles
Hardware in the Loop Engine Simulator Engine ECU Development
Dspace RAPIDPRO SISTEM Engine ECU Development
Turtlebot Mobile Robot Platform Controlling Mobile Robots
15 Channel Data Acquisition System Measurement of  Physical Data