Room number:

5008, 5010 in one piece

Laboratory manager:

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turan SÖYLEMEZ

Laboratory staff:

Res. Assist. Mehmet CANEVİ, Res. Assist. Ayşe Duman MAMMADOV, Serhat BOYNUKALIN

General information:

Railway Systems Control and Automation Laboratory (RaS-CAL) has recently been established in place of the ex-Industrial and Automation Laboratory, which has moved to its new location, in order to mainly support the Railway System Engineering Postgraduate Program. Nonetheless, the laboratory also provides a rich environment for the undergraduate students of the Control and Automation Engineering Program who wish to accomplish their senior design projects related to railways.

Laboratory facilities:

 The laboratory houses a large hardware simulator with size approximately 24m x 6m, where different kinds of railway signaling techniques can be tested. There also exist a small test for simpler signaling projects suitable for senior design projects of undergraduate students. There also exist three railway point machines (by Alstom) in the laboratory, as well as three line side signals suitable for metro applications. A four aspect main line signal is also in the itinerary of the laboratory. Several brands of PLCs including failsafe Siemens S7-400, Mitsubishi, Beckhoff, HIMA F20 and F30 exist in the laboratory to allow the students to work on functional safety issues. A crane experiment set also exist in the laboratory.